January 15

By Nick • T-Shirts, The Shirts • 15 Jan 2012


So I thinking about this shirt and how some people may not get it.  I think that those people will fit into one of these categories.

1) Too young, never played this game

2) Too old, never played this game.

3) Too ADHD, however they play this game.  Never got that far because they would start up the game go to the first point at which you can hunt and spend then next 30 minutes of computer lab time doing just that.  Shooting hundreds of pounds of Buffalo only to bring back maybe 50 leaving the rest to rot, probably a contributing factor to the buffalo scare this country is living today.

4) Too old and really were on the trail but never knew what the hell kept killing their friends.

5) Too sensitive, couldn’t handle this ever happening to their friends so they stayed in town.  Or they simply spent the entire time in the computer lab with the Apple IIe giggling over the names they were going to enter in to be trapped in a covered wagon with…. how romantic.

Seriously who didn’t choose banker at the start?  Let me see… I can have more money to buy more stuff for this epic journey OR I can be a farmer and have nothing to start this ….. …. ….  Banker.

You can get this shirt at lolshirts

Jill says:

I can’t wait to steal this shirt for my own. And I can’t wait until Nick’s hair isn’t in all the close ups of the design.

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12 Responses

  1. Jill

    My Oregon Trail technique was faulty. Snake bites, dysentery, losing my last yoke because I decided to ford the river…

    If I didn’t lose the game, then computer lab time would inevitably end before I had the chance to die. This is why I played the game where you eat the plankton instead.

  2. Sarah

    Best. Shirt. Ever. And I had completely forgotten about Odell lake!

  3. Kelly

    Pretty sure I fit into 3. Lol… I just spent all my time fishing and hunting and didn’t actually try to progress the game at all 😛

  4. Audrei

    Man, I loved Oregon Trails, and Number Munchers!

  5. Taylor

    I actually went to buy this shirt for my friend (who i went to elementary school with, and played this game along side) for christmas, and in the time it took to check out, it was sold out 🙁