January 18

By Nick • Polos, The Shirts • 18 Jan 2012

I know its not a t-shirt, but i’ve had this shirt for many years and well its probably at its end of life.  There is a small hole in the sleeve, like a pinky sized one.  I’m told that I am doing the WRONG thing by donating a shirt with a small hole, now I feel differently about this and think that is perfectly fine to donate…  So I guess I am a horrible person for doing so…..

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6 Responses

  1. Casey

    Dude wait I think you have a t-shirt, yellow under that shirt. that must count. I think I see you with that shirt on in one of your baby pictures!

  2. Corey Sparks


  3. Chris Haeska

    I think I saw that shirt for sale at Urdan Outfitters last week…….with a hole in it too.