February 11

By Nick • T-Shirts, The Shirts • 11 Feb 2012

I really felt like I was good at this game, where I could play for a long time, a long time and then it would just never end and I don’t think I ever felt like I got very far.  But I really do like the music.

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4 Responses

  1. Audrei

    Awesome! When Draccus and I were at PAX East we saw some guy playing this in the “retro game room”, it had a much more cleaver name that’s escaped me. lol

  2. Taylor

    the original I believe was called Pitfall! The Mayan Adventure

  3. Will Cummings

    Yo Jesus

    I have the say you looked pretty baked in the yellow shirt.

    • Nick

      Focus less on the color of my shirt and more on those skills on the court, kuk mentioned you singlehandedly lost the game last night.