February 22

By Nick • T-Shirts, The Shirts • 22 Feb 2012


Second three mile run.  And yes shaved head folks…

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17 Responses

  1. Corey Sparks


  2. Tom

    Ok, the beard without the hair just looks bad.

  3. Audrei

    Hair?!?! It’s gone!

  4. Flex Bolin

    American History X????

  5. Chris Haeska

    That’s crazy………now I know why it’s not a good thing to judge people just by looks. Nick, you look like you just got out of Oak Park Heights.

  6. Casey

    Dude you should tattoo this website on the back of your head. And the shirt I’m donating to you to wear is a shirt tattoo on the back of your head. You might have to wear that more than just one day. Does that meet the shirt rules?

  7. Carrie

    So when’s the next time you have to see your paroll officer? ; )

  8. julie

    cold are ya ? I gotta cool furry hat you can borrow

  9. Cindy

    I’m sure someone is very happy to have your donation. Good for you!

  10. Stephanie

    Wheres the hand signals in this one?