April 18

By Nick • T-Shirts, The Shirts • 18 Apr 2012

It was beef Jerky!!!  My beard looks really funny here, like one side out and another in.

Jill says:

I took multiple pictures, but Nick couldn’t be bothered to stop chewing.

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  1. Kelly


  2. Kelly

    Bah, this thing thinks random words in “” format are html or something? -_-.. Supposed to be “sees motherboard”.. before previous comment

    • Nick

      you would see about 30 of them if the picture could show what is the disaster of a computer room I have. Need old crappy computer hardware?!?

    • Nick

      OH yeah the one in the closet, good old MSI K7N2 Delta…. Last MSI board I ever bought….. That was about 5+ years ago.

  3. Your beard always looks like that.

  4. Kelly

    Why was it the last MSI board you ever bought? I have one currently and although the chipset broke like a year ago, I RMA’d it and they sent me a new one without any problems. It was like 3 years old at the time.

    • Nick

      Mostly because I haven’t had any luck with any of them in fact that one finally failed, I have intel boards that last 10 years. Now I go with all intel chipset and evga boards. Think MSI customer service is good, try EVGA and they all speak english!