September 2

By Nick • T-Shirts, The Shirts • 2 Sep 2012

I got this shirt for a Christmas present from BigSix, funny thing is I don’t really miss the game.  I did play for a number of years but all the same crap of why its not really fun and more of just a time sink still exist.  Wish it could be as fun as it was, before all the stupid crap.

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2 Responses

  1. Kelly

    Haha, I’ve wished I could play again. But I mean play the game that used to exist, and that’s impossible with that kind of game unfortunately. At least it keeps me from spending money on it. All I have to do is remind myself that the game I used to spend time on doesn’t really exist anymore and then I no longer have any desire to go back.

    • Nick

      Couldn’t agree more. Game is no longer the game it was, skill is tossed out the window and squeaky wheel gets the grease. Throw in a little “everyone is winner” (even if they don’t want to work for it or put in any effor) to get gear / items. Sprinked with some bad economy choices, oh yeah and now ku fu panda.