September 3

By Nick • T-Shirts, The Shirts • 3 Sep 2012

I’m not entirely sure what the point of this shirt is.  But I do know that it seems to be link pulling a sword out that breaks, but whats left kinda looks like a bottle on a table.  I don’t know, but I got it as a mystery shirt when I ordered them from woot.

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3 Responses

  1. Taylor

    It’s Link pulling the Master Sword from its pedestal in the Lost Woods! It appears he’s experiencing some technical difficulties though….

    For a guy who owns like a bajillion video games, you seem puzzled by damn near every gaming shirt. Or are you really trolling with pretty much EVERY shirt comment?

    • Nick

      No I understand the reference, its just I don’t understand why it would break. Then I wondered if it had something to do with it looking like a glass of milk or something…

  2. Kelly

    I have to agree with Taylor. I think he’s just trolling though 😛