October 14

By Nick • Miscellaneous, The Shirts • 14 Oct 2012

I have no idea what a henly is but this shirt is it?  Well upon further review this shirt is a little big, but it didn’t feel that way at first.  This is one of the few left from the donation of shirts from Paul.

As for the flash, it goes like 27.2 times so its going to blind me.  If I lose my vision at old age I will blame this project.

Jill says:

After 10 1/2 months, I’ve decided to give up on getting Nick to keep his eyes open when the flash goes off. Also, I love me some boys in henleys thermals, but this one’s a little big.

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7 Responses

  1. BRK

    this shirt is not a henley. a henley has buttons. henleys are frequently constructed of the same fabric (thermal). no buttons makes this a long sleeved, thermal tshirt.

  2. Kelly

    I am newly educated in the ways of shirts. I just called them short sleeve shirts or long sleeve shirts. I didn’t know they had further classifications. I guess there’s button-down shirts.. They exist too.