January 8

By Nick • T-Shirts, The Shirts • 8 Jan 2013


A lot of people asked about this shirt.  I kept telling them its Watson of course!  Then it was one of two things.  Either acted like they knew (if they did they probably woudln’t have asked) or said “Who the heck is Watson?”

Upon further reflection, maybe they didn’t act like they knew maybe they just didn’t want to talk to me about it…  hrmmm  I guess that could be true.

Anyway for those interested, http://mediumcontrol.com/  Is where Watson was created / lives. Its a company that a friend of mine or his wife knows.  I think they were buddies growing up.  They are out of Duluth, to be honest I don’t know too much more but Ninja Kitty is pretty awesome.

I wore this thing working out and it held up nicely.  I think it will be in the workout shirts because its soft and when its soaked with sweat it doesn’t get all heavy and bogged down like a lot of shirts do.


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  1. No, this is Kung Fu Watson. Ninja Kitty is here.