By Nick • • 16 Feb 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Do you have that many shirts?

A1 No, not yet.  I have been getting a lot of shirts in the past couple months and if you read the participate page you can see I will wear shirts you want me to as well

Q2 Do you have to wear the shirt all day?

A2 No, I usually don’t.  I have my work clothes, workout clothes, lounge clothes like everyone else.  But I do wear it, I don’t just pose for it and take it off.

Q3 So are you really going to wear 366 shirts?

A3 Yes.

Q4 I liked that one shirt from that one day can I have it?

Q5 Maybe, just ask for it I’ll probably mail it to you.  Email me nick@nickbukosky.com

Q6 Why do you have such long beautiful hair?

A6 Because I am donating it to locks of love

Q7 Are you really going to shave your head?

A7 Yes

Q8 Where do you buy all these shirts?

A8 Very complicated answer.  I look everywhere for shirts, I buy them at target, I but a lot off woot.com, lolshirts.com I get them at Kohls.  I love the clearance rack lately.  As time goes on I will probably visit some /cringe thrift stores to get some more toe wear.  I did buy about 40 some shirts one day online.

Q9  Why do you have so many softball shirts?

A9  Because I love playing softball.


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