By Nick • • 1 Jan 2012

So a new blog Idea: For one year, 366 days (damn you leap year), I will wear a different shirt every single day and take a photo of myself wearing it.

People close to me know if there is one clothing choice that I enjoy, it’s tshirts. I have a lot of them, I wear a lot of them, and I keep a lot of them.  My wonderful wife, Jill, has to deal with a lot of them.  So looking at the amount I have, one day I thought, wouldn’t it be sweet to wear all these?  The idea was born.

Whenever I go anywhere that sells shirts, I have to buy at least one.  I oftentimes wear it once and don’t wear it again, but I do enjoy it.  I also really enjoy cheap ones; a $2.00 shirt is something I just can’t pass up.

Now, a picture of me everyday will also be fun as I will look dramatically different one year from now; no more long hair or beard.  Probably be skinnier, martial arts skills will more then likely have improved, and that shows through pictures.

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