By Nick • • 1 Jan 2012

So you have visited the site and you are all like, “Wow omg what a great idea,” and maybe even, “That Nick guy sure wears the hell out of a tshirt!” You may be asking yourself, how can I participate?  How can be a part of this?

Well, there are a variety of ways.  Going from very simple to far more advanced:

  • Visit the site every single day!!
  • Comment on a post or two; tell me you like it / hate it.
  • Talk about the site with your friends, and get them to visit.
  • Have an idea?  Email me and tell me what you want to see.
  • You like a shirt that I wore?  Ask for it! Good chance I’ll give it to you. (I ask for a picture back with you wearing it)
  • Send me a shirt. I’ll wear anything that is sent over.


There ya go. That’s how you can be a part of!


15 Responses

  1. Tom

    If I send you some 80’s rock band shirts, like say… maybe 50 of them, you’ll wear them all?

  2. Audrei

    So… say Taylor and I send you a Journey shirt… you’ll wear it? lol

  3. Sandy

    I will send over a shirt or two of Michelles. You have worn one of her shirts before and I remember how nice you looked in it.

  4. Sandy

    I would really prefer a full upper torso image of you. All I see is the main logo of the shirt…

  5. Sandy

    Nevermind. I found how to view you in full hotness.

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